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My research qualifications include a first class physics degree and a Ph.D. in biophysics as in my Linkedin profile above.

I am a pioneer in fair science for the age. I apply fair principles in science to avoid tacit prejudices even at the foundational level. When I took my physics degree I still did not realise strong prejudice was involved. My blindspot was that mathematics is not primarily to do with being fair. It can be used to model any universe or reality that we ask. Much of my time at school was in learning mathematical exercises. I got three O-levels in mathematics. Technical prejudice may feel so 'natural' or right that we do not learn to question. That starts in school.

When people are cheated of fair rights by scientific prejudice that may be criminal. Thus, a fair error estimate for a theory is actually a combination of its technicality and its criminality. A theory can show technical genius but be pure crime. Indeed a pure ‘science’ divorced from ethical considerations might also be pure crime.

I have two books out for 2015 in fair science. Book 1 is in reality-science: ‘The General Theory of reality’. It generalises Einstein’s general relativity in principle and focuses on ending natural history in court. Natural history is a hypothesis and it has a counter hypothesis of supernatural history. A little work shows it is the latter that may have a walkover both technically and criminally in a fair court. The second book also formalises Newton's proof for God in his General Scholium to the Principia. I rediscovered it before finding Newton's take on it. I tend to work out of fair conscience and to be denied a living to do such work calls the legitimacy of the profession into question. Modern science is testimony to a powerful force of prejudice in this universe. That testimony may be its real value in history.

Fair science goes back to Newton as simply about not framing or falsifying hypotheses. To frame a hypothesis may hide partiality to neighbours so be against Newton’s religion, Leviticus 19, 15. If we do not question prejudices in science then the communication that results may be propaganda for a scientific tyranny. Events like WWII or terrorism or 'natural' disasters may help to set a scientific tyranny in stone by blocking fair progress. Moreover those events may in reality be invoked by that scientific tyranny in true cause and effect law. If we really hate the Nazis or terrorism then modern ‘science’ may have to go so that fair science can tackle their partiality in court.

A choice for scientists is whether to stand by a fair court or stand by power to a local alliance of religious and scientific tyrannies. My work develops fair science to show that it is a real choice. I hope to be an expert witness to that for courts.

The Politics of Fair Science

Fair science is about fair play. Its conscience is in an awareness of failure to be fair. The alternative ‘conscience’ to a selfish ‘science’ is in an awareness of need to deny fair rights for security of the profession. It shows partiality to ‘enemies’ who the profession may deem unfit or failures by their standards. That partiality may be instinctive or religiously spiritual. The unfit failures may try to organise to tackle selfish ‘science’ in court over crooked failings.

Fair science then relies on fair courts and selfish science on getting tyrannical authority above the courts.

The aim of fair science is progress in fair rights. That includes right to know that fair science may replace the material foundation to ‘science’ with one based on fair rights. That may be a formality since we can move material, e.g. arms and legs, to go to court in support of fair rights. Some might like to scoff that but book 2 highlights necessity by systematically ruining the material foundation. A fair error estimate for science is a combination of its technicality and criminality as explained in the section above.

The criminality to a natural-material-foundation may be on level of the worst crime possible in this universe. Its supporters naturally rather not dwell on that. Modern scientists may lead a conspiracy to pervert justice worse than the Nazis as the elephant in the courtroom at trials that make use of their brilliance at technicalities. That may blind courts by ‘science’.

Ideally scientists owe a duty as regards giving fair error estimates and even being open on their potential criminality to society and judges.

Courts should be aware if a ‘science’ shows partiality to social groups? and whether that partiality is removable? and what difference removing partiality may make to a ‘science’ or groups it may technically cheat of fair rights? Are groups cheated to include judges?

Scientists these days train to frame hypotheses or models within a natural paradigm. They may be blind to lack of a formal fair case for ignoring evidence for the supernatural. Moreover a purely natural world is infinitely unlikely as a failing that should ring alarm bells. Lots of incredibly unlikely things happen in this universe. However, the origin of a natural universe is not within the universe. It is within the imaginations of scientists who may also adopt crooked ways by that origin, §6.16, book 2.

Ordinary crooks know judges will reject infinitely unlikely alibis for their crimes as half-baked. It is not fair if judges allow professional scientists to use tall stories as alibis for crooked ‘science’. The natural world might be where our old irrational superstitious fears or dark cult-prejudices hide today. We are then still in the dark ages. That would be testimony to power of partial supernatural forces to pen ‘free’ minds. Earthly courts in tradition fight partial religion to enable fair progress so they may also have to fight cult-science today.

The natural ‘science’ framework selects ‘conscience’ for a selfish world since it opens into ’survival of the fit’ under genetic materialism. That is the spiritual world of the Nazis whose idea of ‘fair’ science for the masses was to sire blue-eyed blond gods by test-tube materialism. The Nazis lost the war and ‘science’ today works for a ‘fair’ scientific race with a multi-national sense of ‘fair’ play. However, it may still be a tacit bid to breed a master race of crooked gods of ‘science’ in a propaganda culture where fair rights or fair science are denied? The genius of Hitler was to tap anti-Semitic and homophobic spiritual forces to that culture and seek world power for them. Today terrorism may also tap those spiritual forces partly due to the failure of science (and religion) not to show partiality to evidence for the supernatural.

To invent WMD for power to keep order among crooked religion and science is a risky strategy if terrorists or supernatural powers they may represent are utterly ruthless. Faced with a scorched earth policy by supernatural powers no one survives without a guardian deity able to defend a worthwhile future. We may be allowed a short life so that future loyalties can be established individually and culturally. That may involve courts on earth and of deities, Psalm 82.

Supernatural powers would network human support in spiritual bodies as for Jesus in John 15, 1-19. The network to natural ‘science’ is on the run from terrifying superstition into a world where a sunspot or chance bug or ruthless tyranny could any moment wipe out all life. That is of the platform of its occult guardian spirit as a lie for guiding minds to serve his object of deposing Justice. That ruthless wipe out cannot actually happen whilst custody of life on earth is to be decided in law. The world may only end when custody issues are clear for a division into kingdoms for different life-styles.

Fair science is then to deduce bounds to safety for fair people where safety is perhaps more a spiritual haven than physical against supernatural forces. To fight supernatural evil and its support may require a kind of nerve few can manage against testing evil, Isaiah 30, 1-18 & 50, 5-7 & 53.

Fair science may damn a material foundation for invoking WWII, environmental ruin, terrorism. They are side-effects visible in the higher cause and effect law that fair conscience deduces. Therefore material ‘science’ must deny fair science. It must keep society busy with lots of laws and local benefits but as lawless crime at the level of fair science. It might take impending apocalyptic ruin of the planet to sober society into listening to fair science. As ruin approaches it will be apparent who ‘science’ has to sacrifice or cannot save so ‘the fit’ must survive. The rest may as well turn to fair science or God.

Lawless ‘science’ sets ‘conscience’ by awareness of need to deny fair rights for security to ‘the fit’. Fair science embarrasses that to cause a guilty mind or ‘mens rea’ so earthly or divine courts may act. Book 1 illustrates by a lightning-quick case, Psalm 97, 4, for courts to end natural history. The book also explains how a fair reading of scripture may show gay rights as a path for fair Jews to the promised land of fair theology. For ‘respectable’ religion to attribute a homophobic character to a fair God may be fraud.

Fair science must question taboos or prejudices to false tribal ’fair’ sciences’. The aim of fair science is to cut propaganda and see if that leads to a universal fair science worthy of being called fair. There is one fair rights issue like no other for ruining the propaganda machine to modern ‘science’. The issue is whether fair is a spiritually inherited trait or not?

If fair is spiritually reinforced then it takes a fair spirit to understand areas of spiritually-given-facts that religions may represent. If fair is rather an analogue to inherited flows of matter then there may be no such thing as a fair trial. It means that a ‘fair’ judge at a cake show may be prejudiced by material cakes tasted. Similarly a ‘fair’ judge at a trial of religious evidence may be prejudiced by material flows to do with faith in genetic materialism. For example, routine criminal trials may be prejudiced by faith in genetic forensic evidence? To see that we ask to see the fair error estimate for genetic materialism to include its criminality or crime-potential. The Nazis hint at a huge crime-potential. Experts in genetic materialism might be far worse crooks than those they help courts capture or even the Nazis. How do we show that?

Suppose that being fair is a spiritual inheritance. That means genetic materialism cannot breed or select for a master race of fair gods. That implies genetic materialism is for incarnating a race of selfish tyrannical gods to block fair progress and fair courts, even to depose a fair God. That is one way to read the devil’s promise to mankind in Genesis 3, 1-5. It enters the world of prophesies even of the antichrist and apocalypse. Genetic affliction is then the devil’s property or curse to guide human evolution to join him as selfish gods against God. A fair God surrenders life into jurisdictions that its behaviour fairly merits at request of rival gods, Psalm 103, 1-4 & 82. It is not the only reading because scripture appears multi-valued to respect fair rights for evil, Matthew 5, 44-45.

Fair rights for evil are based on possibility that even God’s plan of prophesy can be broken by evil to justify every evil in retrospect. That end justifies evil means till God establishes Justice on earth, Psalm 98. Fair scholarship details all the possible readings to assist in a fair choice between them. Fair and selfish life are observed to polarise by life-style choices. Fair justice should give everyone the kingdom for their preferred life-style. Heaven and hell are then life-style choices. Murder and genetic-materialism may be life-style choices and that vie for jurisdiction over as much life as possible. Fair science must help to see there is a fair choice.

Suppose that fair integrity is in reality empowered by spiritual gifts then why is prejudice not also empowered by spiritual gifts? Now a fair Spirit can hardly offer spiritual gifts for selfishness. Therefore selfish behaviour must be invention of less perfect life distant from a fair Spirit. Hell is thereby home rule for selfish life by laws it sets in trial and error bids to depose fair Justice in its jurisdiction. That jurisdiction currently appears spread outside hell for a title-contest on earth. Justice then feels like a tyranny to selfish interests. That is also seen in politics to some freedom-fighters. To establish Justice on earth Justice has to stage events to somehow divide fair from selfish by its preferred life-style kingdoms. Prophesy may then cover a plan about a conflict of laws driven by free-will choice of life on earth.

A life-style choice is only fair if taken on a level meaningful to life. That level must be in dispute since we barely know what we are doing as Jesus pointed out, Luke 23.34. God is in messianic prophesies to free people slaved to evil in darkness, Isaiah 9, 2-7. Book 1 preface sets fair proof that the existence of fair Justice depends on the existence of a real devil as god of selfish nature/Nature. Further, basic fair literacy tells us that the cardinal enemies of fair life are lie and murder. Lie and murder ought to be the devil’s nature if he is the enemy of Justice. Religion cites that devil at Wisdom 1, 13-16 & 2, 24, John 8, 44. To make that devil a myth may attribute his crimes to God. It may turn God into the devil. Therefore fair science may depend on testing a bilateral spiritual world to see if it holds up in a fair court.

Fair science must treat scripture as data to see if it serves in dividing support on earth between a fair God and a selfish devil for custody of souls. God is then in a title-contest. God may even have to establish right to enter this dark world for end times as in Psalm 98. Satanic spirituality may explain outrageous unfair conduct done in the name of a fair God. Spirits may intoxicate minds, Isaiah 28. The fair flee from intoxicating spirituality unless it tests as fair, Matthew 5, 3, & 24, 15-24.

If Moses was a scrupulous fair reporter for ‘the Lord’, Exodus 4, 13, then God tested Moses with two faces, Exodus 33, 11 & 20. Later it is said that God’s Justice is clouded in Psalm 97, 2 so Exodus 14, 20 may be about a fair God in the clouds competing with an unfair devil in the darkness as rival for status of ‘the Lord’ over Moses. Even the incarnated Messiah from God, Isaiah 9, 2-7, may fairly allow for incarnations of the devil as a rival for power, Isaiah 14, 12. The gospels appear to offer more than one Jesus on the cross. Their meaning is in dispute between Jesus the unfair antichrist fighting Jesus the fair Christ for ownership of the gospels, Luke 21, 8.

Meanwhile a fair God may be locked outside this world by mortal ambivalence to Death and Destruction, Job 28, 20-22. Death threats drive us to invoke powers of Death to defend. Death and Destruction may thereby easily possess most mortals as hostages against God entering the world even to burn up hostages if God dare advance beyond His legally established rights for the age, Psalm 97, 3 & 1 Kings 19, 9-13. They burn up life in their jurisdiction whom God has no right to protect at His coming.

Death is theoretically the enemy of fair life or of God because Death removes fair rights. Writers of scriptures presented Death that way, Isaiah 25, 8; 1 Corinthians 15, 26. Crown verses support fair rights as at Leviticus 19, 15, Matthew 22, 16, James 2, 9-10. Unfortunately support for fair rights is clouded in the bulk of scripture or religion. Can fair science analyse all scripture and religion in respect of fair rights and a fair God? Scripture itself poses that riddle around its atonement for sin at Isaiah 1, 15-20. It may be a sealed book even to the religious until read with regard to fair rights for end times, Daniel 12, 9-10.

If God is the Almighty then Death must be a legal power claiming jurisdiction even of fair for sin. Supporters of Death, all sinners, may help drag neighbours into sin to cull fair. People who support fair rights must still die until God is fully established with right to forgive fair its sin in a covenant to God. That covenant also gives the wicked the deity they wish, Psalm 50. The due process to establish Justice on earth is said to be encoded as a plan of prophesies. Fair science may help establish Justice by analysing scripture for fair principles and the plan of prophesies. Newton was on that track.

A fair God moves to establish guilty mind or ‘mens rea’ over the earth so that divine courts can save fair life. Earthly courts are part of that movement. That is hinted at in Isaiah 7, 16 & 24, 20. God’s courts are to save fair from punishment due to crooked injustices like Death in hell. Hell needs life-forces from God but its gods may do better to slave lesser evil (all of us) to sup from our dark side by holding us between themselves and God, like vampire gods, Luke 19, 27. God’s Justice is then mercy to would-be fair life.

Fair science must analyse all religion and science for fair order as in Book 2. That can achieve a universal theory of the soul and its guardian spirits to all religion and science, chapter 10, Volume 2, book 2. That universal theory implies all people are steeped in familiar spiritual forces. It implies spiritual forces are real subject to dispute on their meaning. Genetic materialism is then not the full hereditary science over this world and it is of a cult agenda for incarnating demonic gods as inspired leaders.

Ancestry Issues

I had one male Jewish grandparent who died of TB before I was born. I never really knew the Jewish side of the family. We moved around a lot for work reasons to leave me feeling rather rootless.

My other grandfather was a captain in the horse artillery. His son, my father Harry, married my half-Jewish mother Edna despite anti-Semitic prejudices in the war. Technically I would have been Jewish had my grandmother rather than grandfather been Jewish.

The Messiah is said to be Jewish in fulfilment of prophesies in scripture. The Messiah could be the spirit called Wisdom as mother of all fair life for father God at Proverbs 8, 22-36 . He is then mother to fair Jew and Gentile. Christianity has her incarnating as male Jesus by a virgin birth to become the man to save her fair children at John 1, 1-5. It may be mind boggling to see gender-bending implied.

Jesus may be Mary’s mother but became her son so she could become his brother in a genderless or all male heaven like God. To get past prejudice against such ‘unholy’ life-style changes may enable to ask if scripture allows that Jesus could have been gay or bisexual in the interests of God’s plan? Partiality may delay scholars from being fair to the issue but God is not partial is He? Leviticus 19, 15, James 2, 9-10. God is to come out of the closet for fair rights on earth. Gays could be seen as a chip off that block.

If ‘fair’ is a spiritual inheritance then is a fair reading of scripture may be gifted a thousand generations back (twenty thousand years) by the inheritance law in Exodus 20, 5-6? The important point is that Exodus may be a composite of laws for Lord God who blesses to a thousand generations and Lord Satan who curses up to four generations. Technically Lord Satan is God’s left hand in law which Satan may gloat about at Job 1 & 2. All inheritance law is legally attributed to the Lord God but His left hand may curse legally in ways not directly God’s will as at Lamentations 3, 33. However, Lord Satan could become ‘the Lord’ fairly if he breaks just one prophesy of God’s plan. All creation may be watching for that, Hebrews 12, 1. The devil may incarnate to lead his faithful to win that prize. He leads them into hell as his jail should they fail his plan to break faith in Justice, Isaiah 14, 12-17. The actual meaning of scripture may slide to describe Lord Satan if he wins. The proof of fair allowance for that in God’s courts is if people first accept Lord Satan as ‘God’ on an issue then repent to move on. History is about those issue-by-issue turnings to God that prove that life has been given a fair choice in the title-contest. The turns to God make the stages to God’s plan of prophesy. Fair science may detail all levels in readings to the same scripture to make the point.

The Jewish root religious culture is unique in claiming to be a kind of Trojan horse for fair Justice to this world. Jews may then have cultural children among the Gentiles as fairest of Gentiles, Isaiah 29, 18-24. But scripture is said to be a sealed book to Jews to end times, Daniel 12, 9. The reason may be to pass salvation on to Gentiles who can then prove their fairness by opening scriptures to the Jews. Prophesies then cover the opening of it for a Jewish escape from hand of their enemy (the devil of Job 1 & 2?) in end times, Isaiah 10, 20-22, Psalm 98. Note that Jews who refuse to escape might enter hell in triumph as its honoured priesthood for ‘the Lord’? Daniel 12, 1-4.

In formative school-choir days I was a treble in Verdi’s requiem to sing of its terrifying view of Judgement Day. Book 1 manages a theory of Judgement Day to justify democracy and a free press. Nowadays ‘Get Happy’ seems a better song to cover Judgement Day for its salvation from lie and murder on earth. Both views have validity.

Key places set by scripture to seek understanding of Judgement are the theory of atonement to Isaiah 53 or of the crucifixion of Jesus. Those harrowing events are to do with the due process by which a fair God establishes an umbrella to defend ambivalent conscience from quick death by custody claims of ruthless evil. What fair theory of the atonement events does not defame God as liar and murderer? It must solve the riddle of Isaiah 1, 15-20. It may be solved in book 2. Book 1 adds that gay rights may lead Jews to fair theology to fulfil prophesies of fair Jews returning to God.

To refuse salvation from a gay or bisexual rejects the Messiah if of that nature as unholy. God’s sexual values may not be as conventional as some suppose, Hosea 1, 2. God has to achieve a separation of fair from prejudice. Sex issues are beset by prejudices as an area that may separate sheep from goats in ways to astonish the unprepared.

There is said to be no gender in a fair heaven as why gay love might be acceptable to God, Mark 12, 31. Not all gays are fair and not all Jews are fair. However, their cultures may open or hold open paths to overcome dark prejudices. Further, a fair gay is life that like God could hardly evolve by passing selfish genes on under a devil’s natural paradigm. The devil may then make gays hate-crime targets to block their cultural paths to fair truth. Gays may defy that prejudice for love. Religious hate-crime towards them may still be forgiven provided ignorance of sin can be pleaded at Judgement. Do gays harbour a secret house closer to God than established religion that is of a Satanic mind to oppress gays? But the latter house may be forgiven for its ignorance till God opens truth. That may be the time to repent and turn to God?

God’s mercy is the measure of Justice in saving lives from murder and lie, even life that for a time spits on the process of Justice or makes ‘Justice’ its holy diktat. True Justice is fairly agreed to by life if necessary without being prejudiced by knowing that is what life on earth is about. Justice may then come from the heart even whilst the head is bewildered. There are examples of love overcoming prejudices as well as of prejudices ruining lives.

Scripture may set a plan of prophesies on the due process to establish fair Justice on earth that is in part led by respect for life’s wishes from the heart under blind test. Life’s loyalties on earth may be judged by spiritual clothing whether angelic or demonic or mixed. Most of us cannot easily see the dress we take for granted but it may be obvious to spirits who inspire us. Earthly clothing is a metaphor for it, Zechariah 3, 1-4.

End time prophesy may be of a tyrannical demonic spirituality placed in God’s temple that the fair flee from pending appeal for a coming of God’s fair authority to save. It allows an interesting take on ‘blessed are the poor in spirit’ for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Some may prefer a poverty of spirit to demonic dress, Daniel 3, 12-18. That may mean they cannot network very competitively in local society. The devil may use spiritual forces to dress and test in selfish faiths. Who need be disillusioned if truth is also spiritually determined in its different kingdoms? Some may be firm in spiritual dress that sets ‘faith’ above fair science. Evil may burn up those hostages, Psalm 97, 3, to defend that faithful from corruption by sight of a fair God, Job 42, 5-6. They may be leaders to a ’heaven’ within hell for a final bid driven by torments of hell to evolve for a way to break out to depose Justice. That is a preferred life-style choice for those who may find a fair heaven unsatisfying.
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